Basic Information
Name of episode TBA
Tickler(s) Tickle Machine
Ticklee(s) Villain
Tickler weapon(s) Rotating feather pads, feather duster, etc.
Purpose To get answers from him
Quote "Turn it off! I can't take the tickling!" - Villain
Previous scene Scenes 1 & 2: Grand Theft Weasel
Next Scene Scene 4: The Three Stooges

The Robot Tickler was featured in an episode of, The Amazing Spiez. In order to get information from a villian the Spiez use a robot designed to tickle people.


Armpits X
Feet X
Stomach X
Sides X

The villian first sits down in a room with a chair. The door opens and a giant robot comes in the room and the

Spy armpit tickle

villian turns around is weirded out by what he sees. The robot uses two of its arms to strap down his wrists and the tickling begins

First a polisher with feathers on tickles his feet, then one of the arms holding down his wrists lifts up and a mechanical whirring device with many feathers is tickling his armpits. More tickling spots are shown. A panned out view shows he's being tickled all over and he begs for the tickling to stop but the tickling keeps going...

Spy foot tickle
Spy held up
Spy armpit tickle 2

Transcript Edit

Narrator: Three measures to make someone talk

[A door opens a robot with a bunch of feather walk in, the villain turns around to look]

Villain: Eek! What is that thing!?

[The robot straps his arms to the arm rest and the robot looks over him]

[a bunch of feathers tickle his right foot and his left foot]

[one arm lifts up his arm and a fan of feathers spin fast on his underarm]

[the fan of feathers then tickles his foot]

[A panned out view shows his feet tickles with feathers and his arms are being held up while the feathers tickle his underarms]

Villain: Turn it off! I can't take the tickling!

[A single feather spins fast in his nose and he laughs]

[One robot arm each holds his feet and legs away from him and the fan of feathers tickles his chest and the robotic feather duster tickles his back]

[A feather tickles the inside of his ear]

[Two arms hold his upperarms while to robotic feather duster fastly tickle his sides]

Villain: I'll talk! I'll tell you anything you want to know

[Jerry presses the button and the robot stops tickling him and drops him in the chair]

Villain: [heavily breathes]