It's not the first time that Mime Jr. tickles a Pokemon, in this case the May's Combusken.


Mime Jr. happily digging Combusken's armpits

Basic Information
Name of episode Spontaneous Combusken!


James's Mime Jr.


May's Combusken

Tickler weapon(s)

Hands (Tickle Attack)


To exhaust Combusken and make May lose points


"Mime, mime, mime, mime!" - Mime Jr.

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In a Pokemon Contest, May's Combusken is fighting James's Mime Jr. (But it's Jessie who is participating in the contest).

Combusken uses Quick Attack on Mime Jr., and they both clash. Jessie order Mime Jr. to use the Tickle attack.

So Mime Jr. maneuvers itself and gets to Combusken's back and hold from it, she looks confused seeing Jr. smiling on her back with her hands on her sides. Then Mime Jr. uses his fingerless hands to stroke Combusken's armpits, teasing her with littles Mime, mime; Combusken can't stand it and begins to squirm herself and laughing like crazy to the point of crying from laughter, while Mime Jr. looks extremily happy for having the opportunity to dig his little hands in both Combusken's ticklish armpits.

Combusken ends exhausted and making May to lose substantial amount of points.


Mime, mime, mime, mime says Jr. while massaging her opponent's wings