Basic Information
Name of episode The Great Boldini
Tickler(s) Don Turtelli
Ticklee(s) Zach and Caitlyn
Tickler weapons(s) Feather
Purpose To get them to reveal where they hid the emerald
Quote "You brats are going to tell me where you stash that emerald is or you’ll be very sorry" - Don Turtelli
Previous Scene Scene 21: King Louie gets tickled
Next Scene Scene 23: Mime Jr. really enjoys to tickle


Teenage mutant ninja turtles by eternaldragonstear-d8rgwqr

"I'm already am, hahaha... sorry"

Caitlyn is captured by Don Turtelli, who asks Zach about the location of the emerald he was robbed of and threatens to torture Caitlyn, Zach falls into his lie and shows himself to them.

The next scene shows Zach being tickle tortured by Don Turtelli, who threatens to continue if they do not reveal the location of the emerald, he returns to pass the feather on the ball of his foot, who refuses to say it, laughing like never before while the feather strokes his bare foot.

After a moment, Turtelli continues with the tickle torture, passing the feather through Zach's sole, arches and toes, while he moves his feet and wiggle his toes trying to avoid the tickles and continuing to laugh uncontrollably with each stroke of the feather, begging Don Turtelli to stop.

Spare time zach complete barefoot 1 by pasta79-d5dnw63

Close up to Zach's feet, trying to get away from the tickles on his sole

Later it is seen that Cailtyn is also tickled, but Zach, who can not stand more tickles to his poor, big and ticklish feet, ends up confessing.