Basic Information
Name of the episode The Jungle Book
Tickler(s) Baloo
Ticklee(s) King Louie
Purpose To make Louie lose his grip
Quote "Ahh hahahahaaa" - Louie
Previous Scene Scene 20: Goku vs Mugley
Next Scene Scene 22: Zach gets it


King Louie is holding Mowgli, with the intention that this one teach the secret to him of the fire, Baloo and Bagheera manage to infiltrate in the temple.

However, Louie begins to sing the famous song "I Wanna be like you" and Baloo being disguised g


Baloo tickling Louie's armpits

ets carried away by the rhythm and even dances with Louie. Before the song ends Baloo is discovered and the monkeys begin to make a mess so they do not take Mowgli, a forjee begins and ends with a broken temple column.

Louie sees this and releasing Mowgli tries to raise the roof that begins to tilt down; Baloo sees this and gives him a mischievous smile as he raises his eyebrows and rushes to Louie.

Baloo does not waste time and begins to happily dig his claws in Louie's armpits almost tickling his ribs and chest too, he laughs like crazy and begins to lose balance.

The bear is stopped by the other monkeys, breaking another column; so he escapes of the place taking Mowgli with him and leaving the poor ticklish ape next to the temple that finishes to fall.