Tickle Torture 2
This scene happens in Dragon Ball GT, during the Martial Art Tournament in the Junior division finale, where Goku gets beaten by Mugley.
Basic Information

Name of episode

​Curtain Call

Tickler(s) Mugley
Ticklee(s) Kid Goku

Tickler weapon(s)

His Hands

To force Goku to let go the arena's edge

Quote "Coochie Coochie Coo, Tickle Tickle" - Mugley
Previous scene Scene 19: Turtle Tickle Test


Goku arrives undefeated in the finals of the junior division of the martial arts tournament, and it's up to him to fight with a boy named Mugley. He looks very nervous and scared, almost on the verge of tears having to fight Goku.

Then out of nowhere, Vegeta arrives at the battle arena ready to fight Goku; he gets distracted and begins to talk with him, then Mugley takes the opportunity and attacks him, leaving him almost off the platform, with Goku holding onto the edge.

Mugley starts to step on Goku's hands, and failing to do so begins to tickle him.

With his hands tickling Goku's ribs and armpits very close to his chest, with Goku kicking and laughing, this continues for a few seconds until he loosens and falls out, losing the fight and naming Mugley as champion of the junior division, very to Vegeta's shame, who watched everything that happened and can only respond with a facepalm.