The following scene is from the Warner Bros film movie, Fearless Four.

Basic Information
Name of episode Fearless Four
Tickler(s) Dragon man (operator)
Ticklee(s) Fred the Donkey
Tickler weapon(s) 2 robotic hands
Purpose To tire Fred out.
Quote "Ha ha hah haha ha" - Fred
Previous scene Scene 12: Mr. Young Needs a Tickle
Next Scene Scene 14: I Built a Tickle Machine

Plot Edit

A donkey is strapped in a tickle machine controlled by an evil dragon. The machine has levels 0 through 10. The dragon puts his hand on the lever and the hands begin to wiggle in the air and the donkey looks around in fear. The dragon puts the machine on level 0 and the donkey gets his stomach tickled by two robotic hands and starts laughing out of control. The lever is then put on level 2 and the arms tickle him harder and he laughs even harder. Then on level 4/5 the arms tickle him roughly even more and the donkey is now laughing extremely crazily. Now the machine is on level 9 and one arm hold up the donkey's arm while the other tickles his armpit. The ticklish donkey laughs harder that ever. The dragon the puts the machine on zero and he passes out.

Tickle levels Edit

  • Level 0: Two hands gently tickle around your stomach.
  • Level 2: The two hands roughly tickles your sides (close to the armpits)
  • Level 4/5: The two hands go to a very ticklish spot on your body.
  • Level 10: One arm holds up one of your wrist and the other hands roughly tickles you armpit.

Trivia Edit