Mr Young S01E22 Mr Brain 1 3

This scene is from the YTV/Disney XD series Mr. Young

Basic Information
Name of episode Mr. Brain
Tickler(s) Derby
Ticklee(s) Adam
Tickler weapon(s) 2 hands
Purpose To help Adam feel better
Quote "Here, I know what will make you feel better" - Derby
Previous scene Scene 11: Caterpy vs. Goku
Next Scene Scene 13: One Donkey and a Tickle Machine

Summary Edit

Adam watch Echo and Joseph study together. Joseph explains why people can't tickle themselves. Echo says that others can tickle people and they begin and tickle fight. Adam is jealous of them hanging out and says that should be him. Derby misunderstands him by thinking he wants to be tickled so he tickles Adam. He laughs then stops him saying he means it should be him and Echo studying. Joseph and Echo decide they will meet later for studying. Adam feeling upset at this exclaims, and Derby says he know what will help him feel better, and he tickles Adam's chest, Adam tells him to stop again. Adam then admits that it did make him feel a little better and he lifts up his arms and Derby begins tickling his sides and chest.