Caterpy s Attack
In the Dragon Ball Z episode, Tournament Begins, Goku fight in the final round of a tournament.
Basic Information
Name of episode Tournament Begins!
Tickler(s) Caterpy
Ticklee(s) Goku
Tickler weapon(s) 8 hands
Purpose To win the South Quadrant tournament
Quote "Say give up it's the only way" - Caterpy
Previous scene Scene 10: Tickle or Treat
Next Scene Scene 12: Mr. Young Needs a Tickle

Overview Edit

Caterpy isn't a very good fighter. Instead of fighting Goku in the tournament, he uses his may arms to tickle him.

Scene Edit

The official announces the next fighters, Goku and Caterpy. As they begin Goku leaps into the air and Caterpy grabs him and holds him. Goku gets upset at him and tries to break free. Caterpy says he's got a hold on him. Caterpy moves to hold all of him. As Goku and everyone else thinks Goku is about to lose, Caterpy begins to use his many hand to tickle Goku. Two of his hands hold his feet up, two squeeze his legs, one tickles his lower stomach, another tickles his upper stomach. Another hand pokes at his right armpit and the other tickles his right armpit. Everyone is shocked at seeing this. Caterpy continues to tickle him and plans to keep going. Caterpy tells Goku to give up but he's still continues to laugh hard and tries to manage it. Caterpy tells Goku to give up or else the tickling will not stop after a few more seconds Goku manages to use his power to blast Goku into the sky.

Transcript Edit

[Caterpy opens his many arms and Goku leaps in the air and Caterpy holds him a hold]

Goku: Darn It!

Caterpy: Hahahaha! You can't escape me now

Trainer: GOKU!

Caterpy: [Laughing evily and begins to tickle Goku] Coohic Coochie Coo! Yeah! Tickle Tickle

Goku: [uncontrolably laughs] [Everyone stares in shock]

Caterpy: [Laughing evily] Coochie Coochie Coo [Laughs evily again] Haha! Tickle Tickle Tickle!

Announcer: Caterpy is giving Goku the tickle torture could he be any deeper

Caterpy: Yeah! How do you like that little man? Coochie Coo! Just give up, say you give up!

Goku: [laughing out of control]

Warrior: This must be a very peaceful place.

Caterpy: Haha! Say you give up, it's the only way! Yeah! Tickle! Tickle! Coochie Coochie Coo! [Goku is still laughing out of control]

Caterpy: [tickles harder] Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle [Goku has had enough, and powers up and launches Caterpy away, ending his torture]

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